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    Our operations in Canada depend on approximately 13.9 million acres of temperate and boreal forests in four provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

    Trus Joist

    With the largest team of technical and sales support associates in Canada, we are the industry leader in engineered lumber products. We help Canadian dealers, builders and design professionals achieve superior results in the light commercial, multi-family and single-family construction industry.

    Where to Buy

    Contact a Weyerhaeuser Trus Joist rep in Canada: 888‐453‐8358


    With three lumber mills in Canada we have product to serve our growing Canadian market. We continually invest in our people, manufacturing and planning tools, to strengthen our lasting customer relationships, and strive to consistently deliver quality products, on time and in-full.

    Learn more about lumber products

    For lumber mill-direct, truckload or rail car sales inquiries in Canada: 800-426-0870

    OSB & Panels

    For a product you can count on to do the job, look for the green edges of Weyerhaeuser Edge™ panels or the gold edges for Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold™. For more than two decades, Edge has been the floor panel that experienced builders know they can trust. Our medium density fiberboard (MDF) is prized by woodworkers for its exceptional qualities, including a smooth unblemished surface and homogeneous core.

    Learn more about OSB & Panels

    Where to buy

    MDF sales in Canada


    With the use of Forte, Javelin?and Stellar?Software, you can quickly implement high-quality structural framing solutions and optimize material use – while reducing construction cycle time, cost and waste. Our software solutions are there for you at every step of the building process.

    Learn more about our software

    Pour soutien technique et aux logiciels en fran?ais: techsupport@weyerhaeuser.com, 888-453-8358

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